Friday, August 20, 2010

Last post

Lydia's last post on her blog, August 20th.

Shortly after the above post, Lydia deactivated her blog, Deviantart and linkedin, removing all ways of contacting her or following up her story and activities. Unfortunately, she has chosen to escape rather than taking up the responsibility to be thoroughly honest.

Heather Ballard, friend of Lydia Williams is defending for her.

Lydia is also trying to get a 3D modeling gig on Deviantart before her account got deactivated, but there was no 3D modeling or texturing work on her portfolios. Therefore it is advisable for recruiters to investigate her portfolio before deciding to hire her.

Quick reply to Justin, who claims he is Lydia's guardian:
Hi Justin, thank you for your message.
We did not remove the latest message intentionally, it seems to be a problem occurring with blogspot when we were editing the message to you and it removed itself.

As far as we are concern, this case has been closed and we have concluded Lydia Williams is nothing but a liar. The names you have presented :


does not lead to an existing profile or website on Deviantart or even on Google, thus lacking the evidence still to Lydia's story. The companies are aware of Lydia's stealing now, and so are many artists and animators in the industry. That conclude our mission to tackling down an art thief and putting things back on perspective and just.

We only ask for evidence if you want us to believe you and Lydia. And also, we don't know who you are, and your blogger profile or email address, if you are someone who would like to stand up for Lydia, it would be nice you contact the artists themselves directly that Lydia stole the artworks from. We are some friends of some of the artist she stole from and put together this blog to assist companies in seeing Lydia's stealing in black and white. And as you can see, there was no editing work she did on the artist's original work, again another proof that her story are nothing but lies.
We wouldn't be responding anymore here. We are done with Lydia Williams and are not interested in pursuing this with her persistence on stubborn lies.

Thank you and have a great day. we will now close the comment section too for we are not interested in wasting anymore time with this matter.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Lydia Williams is a recent art graduate from a well known, accredited art school - Savannah College of Art And Design. She has been caught stealing art works from various artists and using them to apply for jobs at studios. However, she claims the following stories after being caught.

I archived her works, as well as screencapped them for references around.

Here are a couple of art works stolen:

Original work source: Unknown, can anyone send me a direct link to the original artist's webpage for this?

Screencap of her blog:

Original Source:

Lydia claimed she was inspired by Avatar, the Last Air Bender. There was no sign of her 'touching up' the works.

There are more archives in my folders, if you need more evidence, I would be more than happy to post them up.

Comments will be turned off/ screened to prevent internet drama. Only comments welcome are the ones that helps identify the original artists.

This blog is just created for the public's references to Lydia's activities and hopefully have Lydia tell nothing but the truth at the end of the day.

Oh, also, this is a good read:

Edit: Thanks to those who sent me the reference links!

Edit2: We are no longer looking to identify the artists as we have already informed the studios about Lydia. And the case is closed as far as we are concern.